GN Community

GN Community
Unlocking Economic opportunities through Systems thinking

GN Community is a Futurenvironments led initiative aimed at upskilling individuals to deliver projects starting from Nigeria, West Africa and in collaboration with interested partners.

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Futurenvironments can coach you in your field of interest.  We will work with you on projects that will result in significant positive impacts in local communities. The first step is to undertake one of our courses.  

Scope of projects
The projects that will be delivered through this initiative will lead to innovative systems and process improvements for existing public and private organisations. The main thrust will be in the context of the elements that enable sustainable development. To improve your understanding of the concept of sustainable development, you will need to undertake either the FULL or ABRIDGED editions of the SDF online course.

Only participants that successfully pass
our courses can submit a project entry to win the grant.  Please note that winning the grant will be subject to fair competition.  However, we believe participants that successfully complete our courses would gain valuable insights on the benefits of systems thinking towards increasing their productivity.

To access any of our courses, you have two options, namely
1. make online payments using Paypal on our LMS    

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