About Us

Futurenvironments UK supports her partner Futurenvironments Nigeria towards the delivery of professional services. Our knowledge base and expertise transcends international boundaries. We possess sound training and are skilled at advising clients on multidisciplinary issues.


We engage our core skills on influencing strategies, plans and projects to achieve acceptable results in changing environments. We work continuously to build better environments. We adopt, develop and integrate international best practice sustainable solutions for our clients.

What Drives Us
We believe that whilst there are tensions often caused by conflicting interests, it is possible for corporate organisations and governments to achieve synergy between economic, social and environmental goals. To achieve the necessary objectives all together requires among other things careful planning and competent management.  

Our values are:
• Integrity
• Trust
• Results-oriented

Service Areas
Futurenvironments operates via two business sections:

• Specialized business
• General business

Specialized business
Our specialized business section delivers Training and Bespoke Services

General business
Our general business section offers consultancy services in several sectors of the economy, these include:

• Governments (National, State and Local)
• Funded Bodies and Agencies
• Financial Institutions
• Oil and Gas companies
• Communication Service Companies
• Manufacturing and Processing Industries
• Engineering and Infrastructure Companies
• Construction Companies
• Educational Institutions
• Non Governmental Organisations